Sunday, February 18, 2007

Internationnal Travel Health Insurance Plan

Tips in buying an international travel health insurance policy

An international travel health insurance policy is often given or offered to people who travel many times in a year or those who plan to stay long in a foreign country. This is to ensure that you have money and service to rely on in case a health emergency occurs in a land where you don’t know anybody.

Another service that international travel health insurance plan provides is reimbursement and a money back guarantee in case your trip got cancelled for various reasons. Some insurance companies even give additional fees for the inconvenience that a cancelled flight has given you. Often the additional fees are for the payments of temporary lodging and food while waiting for the next flight. In addition, an international travel health insurance plan also provides emergency assistance in health-related situations.

If you are planning a really long vacation or if you are one of the jetsetter types but you have not yet availed of any international travel health insurance plan, now is the time to get one. Below are some tips that will help you in buying a health insurance plan.

1. Most airline already provide the same service except that it is more limited. If you feel that you do not really need so wide a coverage, try inquiring about the insurance plan that the airline provides. It may already be sufficient for your needs.

2. If you are still deciding whether to buy an international health insurance plan or not, consider the country that you are going to. If you are comfortable with the weather in the country and you feel that you would not really get sick, forgo with buying the health insurance plan. If, however, you are visiting a country that is known for its deadly diseases as well as its changing weather, an insurance plan for your health may be your best bet.

3. Cost will be a big factor when purchasing an international health insurance plan. Although most insurance plans will be generically priced, there are some that depends on the age of the person and the length of the coverage. There are international health insurance plan that can be availed for the short term, sometimes as short as two months. These kinds of insurance policies cater to travelers who are only on vacation and therefore would not be needing the policy for the rest of the year.

4. Look into the various the international health insurance plans that you can purchase. Compare their services and find out what fits your need the most. Although most plans offer very similar kinds of services, there are some that focus on specific areas. Some will emphasize hospital expenses while others will have special clauses on emergency assistance especially if you need to be transported from one are to another. People who travel to tropical countries or to rural areas need this kind of international health insurance plan.

You can look into the options available to you by reading the policy briefs of each product. These can be found over the internet. You can also try asking people that you know who have already availed their travel health insurance. Chances are they will be able to tell you where to look or even to recommend a specific plan.
International Travel Health Insurance Plan